Foreign Relations Between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Video Transcript

In the Central Asian nations, [the] big geo-political issue is the sharing of water and energy sources. Between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, there's a big issue of [the] Rogun dam. A dam that Tajikistan wants to build, but Uzbekistan opposes this, opposes it. The World Bank, I think, has authorized some money for it, but it is creating a lot of friction at this point because Uzbekistan does not want that dam to be built, and Tajikistan is moving forward. And there are many other issues related like that. Also there are some issues, security-related, that who is closer to the Russians? Like the old Soviet Union, when that broke apart. Some of these Central Asian nations, by a degree, are closer to the Russians even today. Some are further away in their foreign policies. So that is sometimes a source of friction.

In this video, a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel discusses the contentious water issue between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.