Foreigners in Burkina Faso


“’Nasara’ is a concept that would be very difficult for a European or American to understand. From the African perspective, and this is broader, it goes beyond the Burkina Faso territory, there is no such thing as color, skin tone. Nasaran is used for someone who is a friend, who comes from far distance who is different from us. It has nothing to do with tone of skin. It happened that many nasarans are either European, Americans, Chinese, Japanese; they’re all nasarans, they come from far, from a distance. It has nothing to do with the skin tone. It doesn’t… As you can see, European, Caucasian, American, and Chinese or Japanese, or Native American Indians are all nasaran from the Mossi perspective. They come from a distance. But there’s no such word to [define the] color or skin tone of a person. No, they talk about his origin, his culture. He comes from a distance; therefore he has a different culture. But it has nothing to do with his skin tone.”

In this video, a Burkinabè expert explains "Nasaran."