Gender and Harassment in Egypt

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"Women are harassed a lot and there are studies that show that even if you’re wearing a hijab if you’re an Egyptian woman, you will still be harassed on the street. That was my main issue I think in Egypt and what I disliked the most. It depends again on the area you’re going to. Also who you’re with. So if you’re by yourself. If you’re a woman walking on the street and you’re in a non-Western area, the chance is you’re going to get harassed. And it can be by younger boys. It can be by older men. I saw it all and experienced it all. Western areas there’s less harassment, although it still happens. I only felt a couple of times I felt threatened. I was followed, but at the same time I felt safer walking the streets of Egypt than I would maybe walking in the streets of certain areas of D.C. at night. I didn’t feel ever in danger of being the victim of violent crimes, although I heard that some women have been pulled into cars and stuff like that. So harassment is a big problem in the Arab world, but in Egypt in particular."

In this video, a linguist discusses harassment against women in Egypt.