Generational Divide in Ukraine

Video Transcript

Yeah, so my generation is growing up, and we are striving to be part of Europe, yes? While my parents, my grandma, are still nostalgic for the Soviet Union. So by the time maybe that finally made people forget about the Soviet Union. But, yeah the generation like my parents they keep bringing up how "nice and wonderful it was back then" when the Soviet Union existed. But still, my generation doesn't understand what was wonderful about that. The deficit? The lack of clothing? You can't buy clothes, you had to save four, five salaries to buy jeans. You can't find anything. You need to have connections up in the government, up in the store, in order to find something for yourself to wear yourself, or buy boots. I don't get it. Food is basically empty shelves. And propaganda, which is, of course, my generation's extremely, extremely against that.

A Ukrainian national discusses differences in perspective between older and younger Ukrainians.