Geography of Trinidad and Tobago

Video Transcript

They're sister islands, fifteen minutes apart. The main island is Trinidad, which is the sister supporting island. Which is about fifteen minute commuter [flight] or two hour by what they call sea-ferry.

So they have two different government entities. You have a prime minister in the country of Trinidad, and then you have a member of parliament who runs, a secretary that runs the little, smaller island.

The main land everybody lives on. The Tabago side they go vacation on. So it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. So they're mostly a tourist destination, Tabago. Trinidad is also, but more people like that, the islanders like to go over there for their R&R. Because it gets them away from the main drag. So, you got Venezuela seven miles that way. Totally different culture. So you can actually go to Venezuela in twenty minutes.

In this video, an Air Force Reserve chief master sergeant explains Trinidad and Tobago's relationship and geographic location.