Giving Feedback in Pakistan

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"Constructive criticism definitely has its role. And it’s important in Pakistani culture as well. It’s just done more in a way where it doesn’t come across as that. So, the subtleties and workarounds of social interactions play a role in that too. For example, constructive criticism from a boss to an employee, that might be expected and that’s completely normal. But if you’re going to do it even on an equal basis, or to a superior, then that’s where you have to kind of be a little more subtle about it. Especially if it’s in front of peers, or in a group setting. So, that’s the part that I would say is a little bit different. Where it’s not necessarily seen as a positive thing when you’re speaking to a superior or somebody in that rank and providing criticism, even if it’s constructive criticism. It would be done one-on-one, then. It’s the whole idea of allowing him to save face and not embarrassing him in front of others."

A Pakistani national talks about giving feedback to Pakistani counterparts.