Government in Algeria

Video Transcript

Prior to 1988 we had a single political party, FLN, 'Front de Libération Nationale.' And I remember, on a TV, they used to have their meetings, they call it 'le Comité central.' And the room is full of maybe 500 or 1000 people; half of [them] were military. Now, not a single one. They are all civilians. It's only in the previous, the two previous governments where we had the military back into government, and I think it's the undersecretary for defense who is a [member of the] military right now. He is a chief of staff and undersecretary, deputy, he is [a] deputy. And the president, he is also the minister of defense. So officially they are not part of the politics, and it is true that they're less and less involved in politics, at least officially.

In this video, an Algerian national discusses the history of government in Algeria.