Greetings and Small Talk in Afghanistan

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

“The most important thing before starting a meeting between an Afghan and an American, or any other foreigners in Afghanistan would be, when you enter, for instance, an office, so you just say the word “salaam” to whoever is in that room. Because if you enter the room and you don’t say “salaam,” it’s a little considered to be not appropriate. And second, when after greetings and small talk, if you know a little bit of the language and if you exchange that, it really kind of gives a good feeling for your counterpart that, “This guy speaks some basic language, and it’s very good.” And it gives him a good feeling. And I think this is the point where you’re going to start, you can establish a relationship and friendship.”

An Afghan national talks about greetings and small talk in Afghanistan.