Greetings in Cabo Verde

Video Transcript

“The typical greeting in Cape Verde Island would be, ‘Oi, manera bus ta.’ Which basically means, ‘Hello, how are you?’ We’re not huge on handshake, we’re more so kisses. And it would be two kisses; in Cape Verde Island you give two kisses, one on each side. I would have to say there’s a small talk expected before speaking about any business arrangement. We’re really huge on just being kind, and humble. So I would have to say that every conversation probably starts with, ‘Hey, how’s it going? How’s the family?’ Or if you’re from another island, ‘How do you like São Nicolau coming from Fogo?’ Definitely small talk before engaging in the big stuff. The ideal way to act when entering someone’s home in the Cape Verde Island is one, never, never, never not take what’s offered to you. If someone offers you some water or a cookie or some tea, or some lemonade; it’s almost an insult if you don’t take it or if you don’t eat it. Of course, say hello, give kisses on two sides, and, of course, just wait to ask to be seated. But I would have to say whenever you’re offered anything in a Cape Verdean household, even here in the United States, it’s applicable. One feels insulted if you don’t, like I said, if you don’t take what’s offered to you. It’s just a kind way of showing, ‘Welcome to my home.’”

In this video, a Cabo Verdean expert discusses greetings in Cabo Verde.