Greetings in Kuwait

Video Transcript

“’Salaam aleykum,’ ‘waleykum a-salaam.’ That’s ‘peace be onto you.’ ‘Maharban,’ that’s ‘hello.’ If I’m meeting someone for the first time, I would say, ‘Marhaban, ishmi Asha.’ ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Asha.’ I would sometimes say, ‘am didiat,’ that’s saying, ‘I’m going operations,’ or ‘operations.’ Sometimes I will say, ‘Kay fa har loo ka,’ that’s to a guy saying, ‘How are you doing?’ Or to a woman, ‘Kay fa har loo ki.’ So ‘ka’ and ‘ki,’ that’s what makes [the] difference as far as saying ‘how are you doing?’ I would sometimes say, ‘Shu fi ma fi,’ that’s, ‘What are you doing?’ So, those are some of the greetings I pretty much say here and there. And it’s tough, Asian languages, as far as adapting to and comparing to Western languages, it’s very, very hard.”

In this video, an Army captain speaks about simple phrases in Arabic.