Greetings in Mauritania

Video Transcript

'Salaam alaykum, khdeyr, [unclear], bkheyr.' Peace be on you, peace be with you, salaam alaykum, how are you doing? Is your health okay? Simple. And then he will respond, 'Al humdillah, ana bkheyr, [unclear] bkheyr, kul shee bkheyr. Al humdillah. Ushtuh tahit. The rain has fallen. It's good. You know? Or, 'La ayeed bkehyr,' the family is good, my kids are good. That's it. Things that are... What's important to him? Ask me. What's important to the Mauritanian? It's very simple. It's a circle. That's where his main concern is: his wife, his kids, his mother, his father, his aunties, cousins, in the second layer of the family. You know? The outer circle, and that's it."

In this video, a Mauritanian expert discusses greetings in Mauritania.