Greetings in Nigera

Video Transcript

“I would strongly advise, as a visitor, if you met somebody for the first time, I prefer you don’t stretch your hand out to him, or to her. Wait for the person to offer a hand greeting before you stretch out your hand. Because it could be very embarrassing, you stretch out your hand and the person does not accept it. So I prefer, since you do not know the person, because some of these people, because of their religious beliefs or because of their tradition, they do not greet, some of them would not greet somebody with their hands. So, to be on the safe side, I would strongly advise that you wait for the person to offer his or her hand before you offer yours. In some cases, some people would want to embrace you, and I think in order to create a rapport, embrace him or her as well.”

In this video, a Nigerian expert explains how to greet locals in Nigeria.