Holidays in Cabo Verde

Video Transcript

“We celebrate Christmas, we also celebrate New Year’s, and we have a couple of holidays, it’s called São João, which is Saint João, which is really John, Saint John. They’re huge on Saint John. They throw their festivals; everyone just comes together, parties. There’s different shacks where people are cooking food, playing music, playing the ‘tambor.’ Tambor is basically like our drums that we play in the middle of the streets. It’s just a festive time.

"And Santo Antão, which is Santo Antão, which is really Saint Anthony. We also celebrate Saint Anthony as well, we celebrate it the same way we celebrate São João. Just a whole bunch of banging on the drums, dancing, eating, drinking, laughing. And most of the time it’s a two day, weekend event.

"And we also have our Carnival. Like Brazil has their Carnival, we have our Carnival. And it’s, most of the time it’s ran at the same time as Brazil’s. And we basically have our king and our queen, and just a whole bunch of followers. We have our floats. And we have tons, tons, tons of foreigners that go.”

In this video, a Cabo Verdean expert discusses holidays in Cabo Verde.