Hospitality in Kenya

Video Transcript

“Kenyans are very hospitable people and because of the language. I think three quarters of Kenyans speak English; they’ve all gone to school. They are a little bit, very enterprising, and they are out-going, they like visitors. But, there are also situations where, you cannot violate the cultures. They will look at it like it’s like you are just trying to be smart on whatever they have been doing. You go in and tell them, ‘You cannot be brewing this stuff,’ or, ‘This is not good for you.’  And they take it [negatively.] They are a little bit sensitive, depending on the area. It’s good for people who are going to Kenya for the first time to know not to go beyond some limits. Otherwise, Kenya’s a good place.”

In this video, a native Kenyan discusses the hospitality of locals in Kenya.