Hospitality in Morocco

Video Transcript

SME 1: "Yeah, it is more nice if you do learn some Arabic and how to say hi, which is 'salaam aleykum.' Normally when you say salaam aleykum to a Moroccan, you'd shake the hand and you put it [on] your heart, which is [kind of] like a peace coming from [the] heart. Like, 'Salaam aleykum,' and you put it [on] your heart."

SME 2: "If you have advice [for] someone for example, the first thing that you are going to offer him is a tea. Then you can offer other things, coffee or soft drinks. But the tea is our favorite drink, yeah. And every occasion, we have to serve tea. [At] receptions and some events and occasions, the tea is the best drink that we have to offer."

In this video, a Moroccan civilian and a Moroccan officer explain appropriate greetings in Morocco.