Housing while Studying Abroad

Video Transcript

With all types of housing that you can have abroad, with all of them there's advantages and disadvantages. So if you're going abroad for language study, the best thing you could do is stay with a host family where you're gonna be surrounded by the language or at the very least have—if you are staying on a university campus or staying in some sort of dorm situation—make sure your roommate, if possible, is someone who speaks the native language. If you are going for research, you're more of maybe a doctoral student or just someone that's not necessarily going abroad for language, you may want more independence. So you may want to look into apartment housing, which can be recommended for older individuals, not typically for university age. You also have the option of living in the dorms on universities, and one thing to keep in mind with those is, again, you will get the cultural experience of potentially being surrounded by individuals that are of that culture. But the dorms also could be of a different standard than what we're used to in the U.S. And that's an important thing to notice with housing whether you're with a host family in a dorm, in an apartment by yourself, the housing is going to be different. It is going to take an adjustment. So before going over, doing your research is important.

A Boren program representative describes different housing options.