Infrastructure in Qatar

Video Transcript

“I first went to Qatar in, I think, 1996, and they were just on the verge of developing their natural gas production facilities. And at that point in time it was not a rich place. We flew into the international airport and worked with the ministry of defense people in the capital city of Doha. But it was all very, very primitive at that time in terms of… Large sections of the city were one or two story cinderblock houses and buildings and shops and that kind of stuff. And there [were] just a couple international hotels out by the airport. And now it’s very, very modern in the capital city, and mostly throughout the country, every place I’ve been. It’s very modern, lots of new construction, lots of government projects, hospitals, schools, traffic circles, and lots of very high-end international hotel chains.”

In this video, a retired Army lieutenant colonel describes current and past infrastructure in Qatar.