Introduction to Morocco

Video Transcript

You can't really judge Morocco just by one place. You gotta really visit all the places. Specifically because if you go just [to] the North of Morocco, which is closer to Spain, you might think that the second language there is not French, it's Spanish because this place was [occupied] by Spain for a long time. Not just the new history, but by the Andalusi time, the Moors [were] Andalusi for 800 years. So, it's a big, huge mix. Even in the faces, you might look [at] a Moroccan and will think he's a European just by maybe [the] color of his eyes or his hair or something. So you really... Morocco is very diverse. Many different languages, different cultures, different roots, so it's like... It's gonna be a crazy experience to discover this place.

In this video, a Moroccan national discusses the cultural diversity in Morocco.