Language Landscape of Antigua and Barbuda

Video Transcript

Their English was very proper English. And it is U.K., in the sense of they use 'whilst' when they can. Their curse words are not as harsh as ours, so I stick to mine. For me it was very pleasant to listen to, every time they spoke. Now of course they have their, they don't have perhaps a British accent, but they do have an island, Antilles, British accent which was quite pleasant. But their grammar and their speech and everything was good to listen to, and a little different than down here [in the U.S.]. But I didn't have any problems with communication. We didn't have a language barrier or anything. And obviously clarification was extended whenever requested, but I didn't have much of a problem with that. That was, it was good. It was [a] good exchange when it came to that.

In this video, a U.S. Coast Guard Commander describes his experience with language in Antigua and Barbuda.