Language Landscape of the Dominican Republic

Video Transcript

Since Hispaniola was a Spanish colony, we have the Spanish, actually the Castilian as the language. However it's just like the English from Great Britain and the English from the United States. There are certain differences in the pronunciation of things and also different words used. For example we like to cut some of the letters. Like for example here in American English you would say 'I'm gonna go to the beach' instead of saying 'I'm going to go to the beach.' We would say something like the phrase voy pa la playa," [instead of] "voy para la playa." It's things like that, but it's mostly, it's understandable. It's just a different accent and different little pronunciation things, but you can get along if you know the proper Castilian. You'll get along.

In this video, a Dominican naval officer describes the Spanish in his country.