Language in Sudan

Video Transcript

“South part, which is now [a] different country than the north part; they speak [a] totally different language, the local language. And even the religions [and] the culture are totally different. Even though the east and the north part, they have their, they speak the general language like in the education system as Arabic. But they have their own languages. Like my husband, he’s from the very north side, the Nuba they call them, the Nuba, the north Nuba. And their local language, I can’t understand [anything]. Unless they speak with me with the local Arabic language. So, not just the south part of Sudan, even the north part of Sudan, the north, north part which is close to Egypt, they have their local language also. But the culture is the same, and the religion is the same. Just the language and a [few] differences from family to family, from tribe to tribe.”

In this video, a native Sudanese discusses language in Sudan.