Languages in Mali

Video Transcript

“In Mali you have the Bambara, the Songhai, the Fulani, Fulbe, the Tuareg and some Tamachek toward the border with Niger. Well, Tamachek is the language spoken by the Tuareg. The Tuareg live in the North and Northeast of Mali. The Fulani, nomadic ‘Peul’ live between the South and the North in the middle. They raise cattle. And the Bambara, Solinke are more sedentary farmers; they grow peas, corn, millet, sorghum, and peanuts. They also are fishermen, and the way they catch the fish from the two rivers, Niger and Joliba, and then they smoke the fish and they sell it in open markets. Bambara is known in Burkina Faso as Dyula, but in Mali and Guinea they call it Bambara. In Côte d'Ivoire [and] Burkina Faso we call it Dyula, but we understand each other very well. If you can say, if you are comfortable speaking French, great, but if you can make the effort to learn greetings in Bambara and ‘Where is the market?’ ‘Where is the post office?’ ‘What is your name?’ in Bambara, it will be greatly appreciated.”

In this video, a Malian expert discusses languages in Mali.