Linguistic Landscape in Guinea-Bissau

Video Transcript

“I spoke French in Guinea-Bissau. And they speak Portuguese Creole or Portuguese, [in] which I wasn’t able to communicate. But they have the Portuguese Creole that they mainly speak. It’s a broken Portuguese, they have their own, they mix their indigenous, the tribal language with the Portuguese which made it the Portuguese Creole. I was able to communicate in French, that was my luck. And with some government employees, they spoke English as well. So it was, I was impressed, actually.<br><br>”But if you need to break the ice, if you come with good survival preparation and the Creole, Portuguese Creole, it will get you a long way. Especially if you show them that you’re trying. They can get you, for them they will feel [more comfortable communicating] with you. Breaking the ice, and the main thing is to know what they want so you can make your mission [a success].”

In this video, a Guinea-Bissau expert discusses language in Guinea-Bissau.