Liquor in Kenya

Video Transcript

’Changaa’ is a hot spirit. It’s very strong, it’s like the smell of the vodka. I think that’s because they never check the alcohol content in it, so it is deadly. It can kill within two hours of drinking. Because they use sisal, what they do is roast sisal leaves, they pound them and they mix it with the brew. And nobody seems to know what other stuff these people put [in the changaa], but it’s deadly. So, it’s been a problem for the government to try to get rid of it. But people still… And it’s also the cheapest. You want to get drunk, you pay maybe 25 cents and they give you a whole bottle. Well, it is good for you. Because they have the stuff to brew with, and they have the wheat, they have the millet that is used to brew so they will go ahead and brew it and sell it. Some people went to school because their mums brew that stuff.  But that was their way of getting an income. So people would come every Saturday and drink and pay. So, kids would go to school, there was no other means.