Maintaining Safety While Abroad

Video Transcript

One thing you can do in terms of if you are concerned about safety and security is immediately when you get in the country is to let the local U.S. embassy in that country know that you are there in country and reach out and build a contact there. That's another thing where if you are in a situation where you're concerned, and say you are involved with the local authorities, calling the embassy is one of the best things you can do. Additionally, if you have an in-country program manager, those are also gonna be the individuals that you want to involve immediately because those are the individuals that are responsible for you in terms of the program, as well as keeping in contact with your study abroad advisor in the U.S. and any program advisors you have in the U.S. Now, they're not going to necessarily be able to physically do anything—they can't hop on a plane to get to you—but they will have a solution as to how to deal with the situation. So most countries and programs, even if the program advisors are not in country, they have contacts within the country. But my main advice is to...if you're ever concerned about safety, contact your program manager if you have one in country and contact the local U.S. embassy or consulate.

A Boren program representative discusses resources for maintaining safety while abroad.