Major Cities in Kazakhstan

Video Transcript

We have two very developed cities which [are] Astana, [the] present capital of Kazakhstan, and Almaty, [the] former capital of Kazakhstan. For the most fun, if you want to have fun, you're better [off going] to Almaty. It's good. First of all, the weather is not as harsh as in Astana. Even in the winter you can still have some mellow days when [you] can just go out and enjoy the fun. It's very well built; there are a lot of nightclubs, a lot of recreational facilities in Almaty. Plus, it's got [a] very good spot that is very unique to Almaty which is [the] ski resort. So, in the winter you don't get bored by the snow, by the cold, because you always can just go 40 minutes and you're skiing. It's like living in Vancouver. And the mountain's always there, if you live in Almaty, so you can always go there and it's very nice and beautiful. It's probably, if you compare it to something that is in the States, it would be [Lake] Tahoe, as beautiful as Tahoe, and Yosemite.

In this video, a Kazakh native discusses the cities of Astana and Almaty.