Major Cities in Pakistan

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"Islamabad, because it was a planned, organized city, for the purpose of becoming the capital of Pakistan, it has that very organized kind of grid. The streets are, you can tell, they’re wide enough. There’s not much congestion compared to Lahore or Karachi. Lahore and Karachi, both are very ‘hustle bustle,’ and very congested, traffic is horrible, but both of those cities have kind of an old-city-modernizing kind of vibe. The difference between Lahore and Karachi would be Karachi is more of the modern side of Pakistan. Lahore has the cultural aspect; it’s known as the cultural capital of the country. The food, the history, the old history, like the Moguls, and the art history, the architecture, and all that. That’s what Lahore is known for, while Karachi is known for more business and up-and-coming companies, and that type of thing. Each one, each of those cities, has it own distinct culture and vibe to them."

A Pakistani national talks about major cities in Pakistan.