Major Ethnic Groups in Afghanistan

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

SME 1: "Ethnicity and [with regard to people], it’s a small country, but still very diverse. Many countries in the region are as diverse as Afghanistan, but I believe Afghanistan is more diverse. We have four major tribes: Pashtun, Tajik; Hazara, Uzbek, and there are lots of minority tribes. So you may see people who have different physical appearances. Be prepared to see someone who looks Japanese, and someone who looks Chinese, or you might see someone who looks Indian, and you it would be no wonder to see someone who looks exactly like an American, or a European [person]."

SME 2: "In Afghanistan, when you go to different parts of the country, things change because we are a multi-ethnic country, so there are different tribes and ethnicities that live in [different places]. For example, in the south and east there are Pashtuns, in the north it’s primarily Tajiks. They speak different languages, they react differently to different situations, and they practice different things. So, my interaction was different from place to place, based on the knowledge that I had of the country."

Two Afghan nationals discuss ethnic groups in Afghanistan.