Marriage and Family in Liberia

Video Transcript

“In Africa, people live as a community. But here, we are a bit individualistic. What do I mean? With us here in the U.S., once you attain the age of 18 years, you already a man or woman of your own. In Africa, generally, no. I told you I am 50-something years, 50-something years-old. You know what? If my father, if I were to say anything, or to do anything that my father is against, it becomes a big family problem. Oh yes. Once you are born into an African family, you remain a child of that family to every other person who is older than you. And you have to listen to them, especially when it comes to talking tradition or culture because they feel they know it better than you. And secondly, living community life, it means that, to them it means that, once you, you do something wrong, [it] hurts every other person [in] the family. Which is why the family will frown on you if you did something wrong which they feel will hurt the rest of the family.”

In this video, a Liberian expert discusses family in Liberia.