Marriage and Gender in Cabo Verde

Video Transcript

“There’s definitely typical roles in the household in Cape Verde Island for men and women. The men are usually the breadwinners, they’re the ones out the house early in the morning, whatever their job is, they’re out there, they’re making it happen. And for the women, it’s definitely getting up early, making sure your husband has breakfast before he leaves, making sure that the kids are fed, and also taken to school.

"Lunch hour in Cape Verde Island is totally different than here in the United States. Whereas here, our lunch is at school, there, in Cape Verde Island, most of the places, most of the schools and most of the islands  are able to come home for lunch. And their lunch is probably, it can run from two hours to two and a half hours. And the good thing about that is that a lot of the times, the parents that are working, their lunch hour is the same time as the kids that have to take their lunch hour. So, once again it brings you back to your home and it grounds you, because everyone’s sitting at the table as a family, where they’re talking about how work is going so far or how school is going. Whereas here, we don’t have that anymore.”

In this video, a Cabo Verdean expert explains gender roles in Cabo Verde.