Men in the Dominican Republic

Video Transcript

Men think they need to control everything. Control their wives all the time, control every decision. And they don't help at home like we're used to [seeing] men do here [in the U.S.]. I would say the majority, but some, would help their wives. But in general they won't clean, they won't do laundry, they won't go to the supermarket. And I can see that in my life when I was dating my boyfriend down there, we never went to the supermarket together, we never went shopping. It's not, you don't do that, it's not common to see a man. And that's because of the machismo."

But here [in the U.S.], when we came here and we got married, now he needs to clean, he needs to do laundry. And we go to [the] supermarket together, we go shopping and it's normal. But he's fine doing it here, but when he gets there he doesn't even iron a shirt, nothing. Because you have people that do it for you as well. So that's why I think there's the "machismo."

In this video, a Dominican American describes the role of Dominican men in families.