Military Rule in Liberia

Video Transcript

“The first president of Liberia was an African American. OK, later on William Tolbert became the president. Tolbert, I think he was from one of the northern tribes of Liberia. And in 1980 he was overthrown in a military coup by Master Sergeant Samuel Doe. And Samuel Doe was in power for, I think, nine years or something. And again there was a military coup and that plunged the country into war for about ten years and then the United Nations had to intervene because there was a lot of killing of the civilian population. And the United Nations intervened and when they intervened one of the ways they felt they could reduce the violence was by unarming the police. Because some of the police men and women, they belonged to some of the factions that were fighting the war. Or they came from some of the tribes, members of some of the tribes that were fighting the war. So the United Nations decided to disarm them.”

In this video, a Liberian expert discusses military rule in Liberia.