Natural Disasters in Curaçao

Video Transcript

I was down there one time in Curaçao. I guess it was about a hundred miles north of Curaçao, a hurricane was sitting there just going 'round and 'round for about two days. The waves coming into Curaçao were the worst I've ever seen. [I] stayed at a hotel. The pool had to be about thirty feet above sea level and the waves were crashing up into the pool. It took out a dock, an entire dock. The waves were that bad. But it was just constant for two or three days. Nothing but wind and rain, and wind blowing again. But that was hurricane, well I shouldn't say hurricane-force winds, but tropical storm winds. But that was the worst I've ever seen it.<br><br> And when it does rain, the places flood. They do not have good runoff or anything. So when it does rain hard, the streets will be flooded, and you're not going anywhere. Unless you got a high truck, and I just normally rent a normal car. Yeah, you're gonna be underwater. 'Cause the water comes in quick and can't go anywhere 'cause the drainage just isn't there.

In this video, a retired Army sergeant first class describes his experience in a tropical storm in Curaçao.