Non-Verbal Communication in Tunisia


People in Tunisia are very touchy, and I think it has to do with the Mediterranean vibe that we live in. So when they talk to you they get close to you. It might be uncomfortable for Americans because here it's all about privacy and space. Over there it's about... They show you how much they like you every [time you] talk. For example, they talk to you about something and they will hold your hand or hold your shoulder, or they're not afraid if they like your hairstyle, they will touch it, even if they just met you 10 minutes ago. And that might be something that would bother tourists or Americans or Westerners in general, because they're not used to that affectionate, touchy culture here. They're almost trying to show you that you're accepted in their culture, so they do those things.

In this video, a Tunisian national discusses the closeness communicated by many Tunisians.