Video Transcript

Most people live there [in Paramaribo]. I may have traveled as a little kid, they take you around, but I don't remember the interior. So we call it, any time you go, 'cause we're, Paramaribo is on the coast, or if you travel you go into the bush, to the interior. But I don't know many, maybe 70% of the population lives in Paramaribo. Then you have people, and I've even read the Amazon Jungle there is mostly unexplored. And I know that there are tribes there that have not had direct contact. Maybe by now they have, but they had not had direct contact with modern civilization. They may be wearing jeans, but it's because there's an intermediary. There's someone from another village who may have brought them some things, but they never have had direct contact with people, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. But there, it's mostly jungle, just thick jungle.

In this video, a native Surinamese explains the major cities.