Perceptions of Americans in Algeria

Video Transcript

Algerians in general, they appreciate Americans. They appreciate their knowledge, they appreciate the fact that... I'm talking about the positive. There's always negative, but let's start with the positive. The job well done, the job finished, paying attention to details. American brands, if something has been made or manufactured in the United States, just believe it's good quality. People, they trust that, there is no doubt about that. Now, on the other hand, and this is not [unique] to Algeria, I think this is, you may apply this to the Middle East. Of course, U.S. policy is in the Middle East. People think that [the] United States is not fair [to] Arabs, they're not fair [to] Palestine, they're not fair with politics when it comes to the Middle East. So, they may express it. And they may argue about... This is a good topic for argument. Be prepared for that. If there is a topic that Middle Easterners and Algerians particularly, they would like to talk about is U.S. policy in the region. So, do your homework and be prepared for that.

In this video, an Algerian national discusses perceptions of Americans in Algeria.