Perspectives on Corruption in Ukraine

Video Transcript

Also, about corruption in projects, it could be a situation, mostly government projects, or any tender to buy something with government money, you should go for the special systems that go reserved. You have to register, and people can bid. But for some reason, very close friends and family, related to the company [laughs] can mostly win these bids. Nepotism, that can happen because of poorness, people trying to help their friends, relatives. In government, it’s actually Ukrainian law, as a former compliance officer [laughs] and as a former associate in a law firm, I can say yes, we have a regulation that can, that does not allow to have in your subordination any relatives. Yeah, your relatives and friends can work in the same company, but you cannot be a person who’s pushing or recommending to hire them. It’s like against the law. In Ukraine was created a national anti-corruption bureau who can investigate high-ranking corruption. Also created was a part of the prosecutor’s office, a special anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, and also created was an anti-corruption court. And even now, we have a state bureau, like the FBI, but a state bureau of investigation. But still they have influence, political influence. They are not independent.

A Ukrainian national talks about corruption in Ukraine.