Perspectives in Nigeria

Video Transcript

“The most difficult thing to adjust to is first, the language. Communication, you know, is very important. And if you cannot communicate in a way that the people, especially the people, the men and women in the street can understand you, that’s a big problem. And I say this because over 90% of Nigerians, they speak Pidgin English. So if you’re going to Nigeria for the very first time, I would strongly advise you to learn a few phrases of Pidgin English. The second thing that might be a problem for you from the get-go is the food. Nigerian cuisine, as you may know, is not the same [as] American cuisine. Some of the food, or most of the food they eat, they call it 'fufu,' which is some kind of mashed yam, almost like mashed potatoes, but they eat it with stew. So you have to get used to their cuisine, their food and so on. I think those are the two major problems for this time.”

In this video, a Nigerian expert discusses the two biggest adjustments for first time visitors to Nigeria.