Presidents of Tunisia


Bourguiba, he's the father, kind of, [of] the modern Tunisia. Regardless of his ways how he [got] there, but he was a person [with] vision, and he's known for that. And he's a very visionary person; he's a deep thinker. He's a lawyer so he knows how to use his words; he's really good in public speaking, influential person. And he's the one who focused on [women's] rights; he's the one who focused on education, big time. That was his major thing. However he failed to create a balance. He focused on certain areas of the country which is the Sahil, the North a little bit, then omitted the West of the country, from the North to the South and the South altogether. And that, actually, [is] what [blew] up at the end to a revolution. And that, his successor after that, Zine Abidine Ben Ali, he actually followed the same footsteps.

In this video, a Tunisian national discusses Tunisia under Habib Bourguiba's rule.