Racial Tensions in Guyana

Video Transcript

The nation has been in an uproar, divided racially. The politics are racial, the economics are racial also. After the emancipation of slavery in 1938, they brought the Indians to work the plantations because the Blacks wanted more money for their labor. And they brought in the Indians. And when they found out that the Indians were a good substitute, because they can do the hard work and they were accustomed to farming and so on and so forth. They brought them in much more multitude than the Blacks were there. So that caused an imbalance.

And now that we got our independence, the Blacks ran the country for about twenty-something years, twenty eight years to be exact. But in my opinion I think they were fair. They allowed the other races to compete economically. But now that the Indians are running the government, you find Blacks have a hard time in doing that. Plus, they don't have the background of producing goods and services. So all the commerce and economic entity of the country is controlled by the Indians.

In this video, a native Guyanese elaborates on the racial tensions in the country.