Refugees in Jordan

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

SME 1: "In terms of the Syrian crisis, think of 30 million people coming to the U.S. Because that’s the ratio that you’re looking at there. Even more, maybe. Jordan’s population before this was six and a half million. Now we’re past seven, we’re in the seven and a quarter range. That’s kind of nuts. So, from an on-the-ground perspective, if you ask people about the Syrian refugees, or if you ask people about Syrians, Jordanians’ response will be, 'That’s very tragic. And it’s very sad what they’re going through.' But then their second reaction will be, 'Now there’s a lot of traffic. They’ve created chaos. My rent is going up. Food is less available. And it’s very hard for us to help these people even though we must.'"

SME 2: "I was in Jordan last year and it’s 2 million refugees that are in Jordan. And you see that it’s a very [big] problem for a country like Jordan who don’t have [many] resources, except for the tourism. So to see the impact is really big because of [the] unemployment threat. Syrian refugees they work for one-third of the price for the same jobs.”

In this video, an expert on Jordan and a Jordanian national discuss the refugee crisis.