Religion in Ghana

Video Transcript

“Take for example, as far as religion is concerned, before African countries were colonized, they had their own indigenous religions. When we talk of Christianity, for example, Christianity is not originally African, course not! So British religion, or European religion, in general, has infiltrated the local religion. That’s one thing.

”The way of dressing, British and Western ways of dressing, in general, have changed the way Ghanaians or Africans, generally, used to dress. Even though when you go out there you still see many people who still dress typically African.

"And then, education, in Africa we never measured, originally, people’s education was never measured by the level, by the number of universities or whatever he or she has been to. That’s the situation today. Or the number of degrees you have. That’s the situation today. It was never like that before. So you see that Western influence has affected Africa in many different ways.”

In this video, a Ghanaian expert discusses Western influence in Ghana.