Religion in Kenya

Video Transcript

“Kenya has many different religious organizations. We have the Christians, we have the Muslims, and we also have other communities who are, who may not have been [Kenyans], but because of their birth and registration, they become Kenyans. So, like Buddhists, who are, I know they have separate places of prayers. And we also have Hindus who are actually a big population of the Kenyans because of their businesses. So they have their own religion. But the majority of Kenyans are Christians. They are Catholics, Presbyterians. It’s very common; I think most of the founders of churches in Kenya were based in either here [in the U.S.] or Britain. They have those religions based in Kenya. Apart from that, they also have their traditional gods, which, way back, there were great forefathers who [we] actually prayed to. They made small gods. Like where I come from, they have the god of the sun. So they would pray towards the sun and they say, ‘Our god is the sun.’ And they still believe there is some power beyond here that kind of controls and is very faithful to all these groups of people.”

In this video, a native Kenyan discusses religion in Kenya.