Religion in St. Lucia

Video Transcript

SME 1: "Of course there's Christianity, that's the predominant religion. You have Islam. You have Hinduism. I think those are the most predominant religions, with Christianity being the most popular."

SME 2: "I was walking down the street and there was a tree on the sidewalk, just a tree and there were lots of personal belongings there. And I kind of stopped to glance at it, 'cause it caught me off guard. And the person walking with me just grabbed my arm, pulled me along and said 'uh-uh, "obia, obia," Voodoo. Keep walking.' So, it has it's thing. I'm sure there are lots of stories about [Voodoo] to keep kids under control. "Obia, obia" was, I guess that's, I don't know if it's directly, I think the person then said 'Voodoo' to me so I don't know exactly what "obia" is, but I know what it means. I don't know how to put it into words for you. But some kind of thing you shouldn't be messing with."

In this video, a native Guyanese and native Surinamese discuss religion.