Religious Tensions in Bangladesh

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

One of the guys, he was actually a tailor that we went to see often and he would talk about kind of like fighting in the war, back when he's a kid even. And like Hindu vs. Muslim wasn't a big thing, and this is prior to ‘71, but because of that war and that tension, kind of became more of a thing. He would talk about when he was young a playing with a Hindu or Muslim it didn't really matter, and people were pretty tolerant and accepting of everything. And then after ‘71 and going into now, it's become more and more thing, and even a lot of Hindus are targets of the recent attacks, as our anything not Muslim. But like that was never a thing before. There wasn't animosity towards all the other groups. Everybody kind of lived peacefully.

A service member discusses religious tensions in Bangladesh.