Resources and Support for Military in Ukraine

Video Transcript

When I was over there, it was prior to Maidan, when I was living there. So it was 2010, 2011, and there was an acute research resource crunch. It was it was it was palpable. I will point out that I think it's interesting to note that in 2014, when the war in the east was starting and after Crimea had been annexed, the Ukrainian government put out a request for crowd funding for the military, and unbelievably, got money. You know, they crowdfunded the military. I thought that was tremendous. I thought that was interesting. So they did have a resource crunch. But at the same time, you had people that were willing to donate whatever money they had to the defense of the country. And then you had an outpouring of volunteers who joined the volunteer battalions. I think there were dozens of those that were formed immediately after the after the annexation. And while the war in the east was just starting. So I think people...there was a resource crunch. But I think a popular support was evident for the military and people actively felt they needed to take part in the defense of their country.

A service member discusses Ukraine’s resource crunch during his deployment.