Roads in Saudi Arabia

Video Transcript

“In Saudi Arabia the road system is actually pretty good. They have highways to get from city to city. Within large cities, like Riyadh, they do have a kind of a pseudo freeway system. I say pseudo, it’s about as close to the U.S. freeway system as any country in the Middle East. So in that regard it’s fairly modern. A lot of the road signs in your big cities like Riyadh or Jeddah are in both English and Arabic. So if you’re driving and you want to get to the airport, it’s very easy, it'll say airport [and] have a picture of an airport.  Or you’re trying to get to a particular city, you can look for the road signs. The roads and the road signs, I should say the road signs are very similar to [how] they are in Europe. Here in the States, you're looking for I-70 West. They don’t use cardinal directions. Their road signs will indicate to Dammam, to Jeddah, or whatever, so you have to know, ‘Yeah, I want to go towards that city. That's the direction want to go in.’ That’s how you navigate. Now once you get out into rural areas, then the road signs are primarily in just Arabic. So, I mean the smaller roads. But the road system in Saudi is pretty good.”

In this video, a Saudi Arabia expert discusses the road infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.