Rural Life in Bahrain

Video Transcript

“You get out in Bahrain, when you get out and around, the roads then become unpaved in some places, and goats are wandering around, that sort of stuff. It becomes more rural and there's not, in a lot of places, maybe, you don't see a brand new shiny school or a big soccer stadium, or something like that. It’s more cinder block kind of construction and the kids are out playing soccer on a dusty old field. There’s no grandstands, no light towers, no grass, none of that sort of stuff that, maybe, in other places you would, that have more money, you would see.

"But Bahrain’s not necessarily a wealthy country like maybe Qatar, or Kuwait, or whatever. So again you’ve got, you can, once you get out of the Westernized places in the capital, you get out in the country and drive around, the villages are kind of, very ordinary. But I think the people are, the government works there, and they’ve got what they need, but there's not a lot of money to be handed out to everybody like in some places. But I never saw, you don't see people sitting by the roads starving, begging, or any of that either, like you would maybe see in Pakistan or other places like that, Egypt. You don’t see that. In my experience, everybody appeared to have all the necessities for daily life. But none of the excesses that you see in Dubai, or whatever.”

In this video, a retired Army lieutenant colonel discusses regions of Bahrain outside of urban city centers.