Separatist Movement in Senegal

Video Transcript

“Senegal is [in] the northwest of Africa on the coast. However part, it is like a boot, the country of [The] Gambia is in the middle, almost in the middle, or one-third of the country south of it. And [The Gambia] just [crosses] the country, and the southern part of Senegal is [somewhat] isolated from the rest which made the southern part of Senegal isolated from the rest of the country. And that southern part is what is known as Casamance. It is mainly populated by the Jola tribe that is also found in The Gambia. Even in The Gambia you have Wolof, but the main tribe, or the main population or ethnicity in Senegal are Wolof. And Jola are kind of secluded, left off, and that’s what created some tensions when Senegal got their independence in 1960 there. The Jola people of Casamance were promised independence after 20 years and it did not happen, and that caused rebellion.”

In this video, a Senegalese expert discusses the Casamance region in Senegal.