Slave Trade in Curaçao

Video Transcript

In difficult situations, or one where I had a sense of urgency, it was always important to go into it with a very respectful tone. Unfortunately some of the darker side of being [an] island of the Caribbean is it was created largely based on colonialism, and it served as a hub of slave trade for a while. And there is still that underlying angst or resentment.<br><br>And people that find, that have worked their way up to a position of power in the government really expect to be treated with the utmost respect. And if you didn't come at them, and you were humble and you weren't asking them for their best and their favor, they would not take it well. And they would maybe slow things down if they didn't perceive you were being level with them, at the same level, you were not trying to exude any kind of superiority.

In this video, an Air Force lieutenant colonel explains the slave trade's history on the island.